Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

Top 10 smart home startups in India are leading the charge in transforming ordinary homes into intelligent living environments. These companies utilize cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and automation to enhance convenience, security, and energy efficiency across homes in India.

1. Oakter

Oakter specializes in smart home automation products, offering a range of devices that can control lighting, appliances, and security systems through a centralized app.

SolutionsHome automation, smart plugs, smart sensors
Key FeaturesIoT integration, centralized control
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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2. ZunPulse

ZunPulse offers smart home solutions focused on energy management, security, and home automation, providing users with a seamless and connected living experience.

SolutionsEnergy management, security systems, smart lights
Key FeaturesAI integration, user-friendly interface
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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3. WiZN Systems

WiZN Systems develops smart home products that integrate with existing home infrastructure, offering solutions for lighting, security, and energy management.

SolutionsSmart lighting, security systems, energy management
Key FeaturesRetrofit solutions, easy integration
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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4. HomeBrain

HomeBrain offers a range of smart home automation products, including lighting, climate control, and security systems, all controlled through a single app.

SolutionsHome automation, climate control, security systems
Key FeaturesSingle app control, customizable solutions
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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5. Cubical Labs

Cubical Labs specializes in creating smart home devices that offer seamless control over lighting, appliances, and security systems, all managed via their proprietary app.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
SolutionsSmart lighting, appliance control, security systems
Key FeaturesProprietary app, IoT integration
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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6. Grylls Technologies

Grylls Technologies focuses on creating innovative smart home products that include smart switches, sensors, and security devices, aimed at making homes more connected and secure.

SolutionsSmart switches, sensors, security devices
Key FeaturesIoT connectivity, enhanced security
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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7. IFIHomes

IFIHomes offers a variety of smart home products, including security cameras, smart locks, and automation systems, all aimed at improving home security and convenience.

SolutionsSecurity cameras, smart locks, automation systems
Key FeaturesEasy installation, remote monitoring
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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8. Silvan Innovation Labs

Silvan Innovation Labs provides smart home solutions that include automation for lighting, climate control, and security, aimed at creating an intelligent and energy-efficient living environment.

SolutionsLighting automation, climate control, security systems
Key FeaturesEnergy efficiency, smart controls
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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9. Smitch

Smitch develops smart home products such as smart bulbs, plugs, and cameras that can be controlled via their mobile app, offering convenience and energy management.

SolutionsSmart bulbs, smart plugs, smart cameras
Key FeaturesMobile app control, energy management
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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10. Secureye

Secureye offers a range of smart home security products, including cameras, alarms, and smart locks, aimed at enhancing the safety and security of homes.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
SolutionsSecurity cameras, smart alarms, smart locks
Key FeaturesAdvanced security features, remote access
Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

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FAQs on Top 10 Smart Home Startups in India

  1. What is a smart home?
  • A smart home is a residence equipped with devices that automate tasks normally handled by humans. These devices are often connected to a central hub or app.
  1. How do smart home devices communicate?
  • Smart home devices typically use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-Wave to communicate with each other and with the central hub or app.
  1. Can I control my smart home devices remotely?
  • Yes, most smart home devices can be controlled remotely via a mobile app or web interface, as long as you have internet access.
  1. Are smart home systems secure?
  • Smart home systems include various security measures, but it’s important to use strong passwords, keep software updated, and choose devices from reputable manufacturers to enhance security.
  1. How can smart home technology save energy?
  • Smart home technology can save energy by optimizing lighting, heating, and cooling systems, and by providing users with real-time energy usage data to make informed decisions.
  1. Do smart home devices require professional installation?
  • Many smart home devices are designed for easy DIY installation, though some complex systems may require professional setup.
  1. What are the benefits of a smart home?
  • Benefits include increased convenience, enhanced security, energy savings, and improved home management.
  1. Can smart home systems integrate with each other?
  • Yes, many smart home systems are designed to integrate with other devices and platforms, offering a seamless user experience.
  1. What is IoT in smart homes?
  • IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the network of interconnected devices that communicate and exchange data to perform tasks and provide services in smart homes.
  1. Are smart home devices expensive?
    • The cost of smart home devices varies widely, with options available to fit different budgets. Prices are generally decreasing as technology advances and adoption grows.


The emergence of smart home startups in India is transforming how we interact with our living spaces. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create products that enhance convenience, security, and energy efficiency. From smart lighting and climate control to advanced security systems, these startups are making homes more intelligent and connected. As the adoption of smart home technology continues to grow, these startups will play a crucial role in shaping the future of modern living.

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