Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

SEO Meta Description: Explore the top 10 social impact startups in India driving positive change through innovative solutions addressing social and environmental challenges.


Social impact startups in India are leveraging innovative business models to tackle critical social and environmental issues. This article highlights the top 10 startups that are making significant strides in promoting sustainability, improving livelihoods, and fostering inclusive growth across the country.

1. SELCO Foundation


SELCO Foundation focuses on sustainable energy solutions for underserved communities. They provide access to solar energy systems in rural and urban areas, empowering households and small businesses.


  • Solar Solutions: Installation of solar lighting and energy systems.
  • Community Empowerment: Training and capacity building for sustainable energy usage.
  • Impact Assessment: Measuring social and environmental impact.

Table of Details

WebsiteSELCO Foundation
Services OfferedSolar Energy Solutions, Community Development
Target AudienceUnderserved Communities
Impact AreaSustainable Energy, Rural Development
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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2. Goonj


Goonj converts urban surplus material into development resources for rural communities. They focus on disaster relief, menstrual hygiene, and community development.


  • Cloth for Work: Incentivizing community development work with clothing.
  • Material Collection: Repurposing urban material for rural development.
  • Disaster Relief: Providing aid during natural disasters.

Table of Details

Services OfferedCommunity Development, Disaster Relief, Menstrual Hygiene
Target AudienceRural and Urban Poor
Impact AreaPoverty Alleviation, Disaster Response
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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3. Agastya International Foundation


Agastya International Foundation promotes creative thinking and problem-solving skills among rural children and teachers through hands-on science education and digital learning initiatives.


  • Hands-On Science Education: Mobile labs and science centers for experiential learning.
  • Digital Learning: E-learning platforms for remote education.
  • Teacher Training: Capacity building for educators in rural areas.

Table of Details

WebsiteAgastya International Foundation
Services OfferedScience Education, Digital Learning, Teacher Training
Target AudienceRural Children, Educators
Impact AreaEducation, Skill Development
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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4. HelpUsGreen


HelpUsGreen addresses environmental and social issues by recycling temple waste flowers into biodegradable products like incense sticks and organic vermicompost, providing employment to women from marginalized communities.


  • Waste Recycling: Transforming floral waste into sustainable products.
  • Women Empowerment: Employment opportunities for marginalized women.
  • Biodegradable Products: Eco-friendly alternatives to chemical incense.

Table of Details

Services OfferedWaste Recycling, Biodegradable Products, Women Empowerment
Target AudienceMarginalized Women, Environmental Enthusiasts
Impact AreaEnvironmental Conservation, Women Empowerment
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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5. Greensole


Greensole upcycles discarded shoes into comfortable footwear for underprivileged children and converts them into Solar Electric Stations, promoting health and sustainable energy access.


  • Shoe Upcycling: Converting old shoes into new footwear.
  • Solar Electric Stations: Providing solar-powered lighting solutions.
  • Health Impact: Improving foot health and overall well-being.

Table of Details

Services OfferedShoe Upcycling, Solar Electric Stations, Health Promotion
Target AudienceUnderprivileged Children, Communities
Impact AreaEducation, Health, Sustainability
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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6. Agriya


Agriya focuses on sustainable agriculture and rural development through innovative farming techniques, water management solutions, and farmer education programs.


  • Smart Farming: Technology-driven agricultural practices.
  • Water Management: Efficient use of water resources.
  • Farmer Education: Training programs for sustainable farming.

Table of Details

Services OfferedSmart Farming, Water Management, Farmer Education
Target AudienceFarmers, Agricultural Communities
Impact AreaAgriculture, Rural Development
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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7. Pollinate Group


Pollinate Group empowers women entrepreneurs in underserved communities to distribute affordable solar lights, clean cookstoves, and other essential products, improving livelihoods and health outcomes.


  • Women Entrepreneurs: Training and supporting female micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Product Distribution: Providing affordable solar and clean cooking solutions.
  • Health and Livelihood Impact: Enhancing health and economic opportunities.

Table of Details

WebsitePollinate Group
Services OfferedProduct Distribution, Women Entrepreneurship, Health Impact
Target AudienceUnderserved Communities, Women Entrepreneurs
Impact AreaEnergy Access, Health, Women Empowerment
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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8. Rang De


Rang De is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects individuals with microcredit needs to lenders, fostering financial inclusion and empowering low-income communities.


  • Microcredit: Providing affordable loans to low-income individuals.
  • Social Investing: Connecting lenders directly to borrowers.
  • Community Impact: Economic empowerment and poverty alleviation.

Table of Details

WebsiteRang De
Services OfferedPeer-to-Peer Lending, Microcredit, Social Investing
Target AudienceLow-Income Individuals, Community
Impact AreaFinancial Inclusion, Poverty Alleviation
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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9. Drishti


Drishti works towards empowering visually impaired individuals by providing accessible digital content and assistive technologies, enhancing their education and employment opportunities.


  • Accessibility Solutions: Digital content and technology for visually impaired.
  • Education and Employment: Enhancing skills and job opportunities.
  • Inclusive Development: Empowering differently-abled individuals.

Table of Details

Services OfferedAccessibility Solutions, Education, Employment
Target AudienceVisually Impaired Individuals, Disability Community
Impact AreaInclusion, Education, Employment
Top 10 Social Impact Startups in india

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10. Reap Benefit


Reap Benefit empowers youth to solve local environmental and civic issues through citizen-led initiatives and technology-enabled platforms, promoting sustainable practices.


  • Youth Engagement: Enabling youth to drive community change.
  • Technology Tools: Platforms for data collection and problem-solving.
  • Environmental Impact: Addressing

Certainly! Here’s the conclusion, FAQs, and a “Read More” section for the “Top 10 Social Impact Startups in India”:


The top 10 social impact startups in India showcased here are pioneers in addressing some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges facing the country today. From sustainable energy solutions and rural development to waste management and inclusive education, these startups are not only innovating but also making a tangible difference in the lives of marginalized communities. By leveraging technology, community engagement, and sustainable practices, they are setting benchmarks for social entrepreneurship and inspiring a new wave of impactful initiatives across India.


1. How can I support these social impact startups?

You can support these startups by:

  • Volunteering: Offer your time and skills to assist in their projects.
  • Donating: Contribute funds or materials to support their initiatives.
  • Spreading Awareness: Share their stories and impact on social media or with your network.

2. Are these startups accessible to all regions of India?

Yes, these startups aim to reach underserved communities across rural and urban areas of India, ensuring inclusivity and impact where it is most needed.

3. How do these startups measure their social impact?

Each startup employs robust impact assessment methodologies to measure their social, economic, and environmental impact, ensuring transparency and accountability.

4. Can individuals outside India contribute to these startups?

Yes, many of these startups accept international donations and support. You can visit their websites to learn more about how to contribute from abroad.

5. What are the future goals of these social impact startups?

These startups are committed to scaling their impact, expanding their reach to more communities, and continuing to innovate solutions that address emerging social and environmental challenges.

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