Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

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Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Top 10 smart city startups in India that are pioneering innovative solutions to transform urban living. These forward-thinking companies are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing the quality of life in cities through smart infrastructure, efficient energy management, intelligent transportation systems, and advanced waste management solutions. Learn about their groundbreaking projects, from smart grids and IoT-based systems to sustainable urban planning and smart governance. Smart city startups are leveraging technology to improve urban infrastructure, enhance the quality of life, and create sustainable environments. Here, we spotlight ten leading smart city startups in India that are driving innovation in urban development.

1. Zenatix

Zenatix offers IoT-based energy management solutions that help buildings become more energy-efficient. Their technology monitors and optimizes energy consumption, leading to significant cost savings and sustainability.

SolutionsEnergy management, IoT
Key FeaturesReal-time monitoring, optimization
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Zenatix – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Zenatix is enhancing energy efficiency in buildings with IoT-based solutions, contributing to the sustainability goals of smart cities.

2. Smarter Dharma

Smarter Dharma focuses on sustainable development solutions for cities. They provide services like waste management, water conservation, and green building certifications, aiming to create environmentally responsible urban spaces.

SolutionsSustainable development, waste management
Key FeaturesCustomized sustainability plans
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Smarter Dharma – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Smarter Dharma is leading the way in sustainable urban development with comprehensive solutions that address waste management and water conservation.

3. Facilio

Facilio offers a unified platform for real-time facilities management across building portfolios. Their software integrates operations, maintenance, and sustainability, providing a holistic approach to smart building management.

SolutionsFacilities management, IoT
Key FeaturesReal-time data, integrated management
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Facilio – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Facilio is transforming facilities management with a real-time, integrated platform that enhances operational efficiency and sustainability in buildings.

4. Get My Parking

Get My Parking is a smart parking startup that provides an IoT-enabled platform for efficient parking management. Their solution includes real-time availability tracking, digital payments, and analytics to optimize parking operations.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
SolutionsSmart parking, IoT
Key FeaturesReal-time tracking, digital payments
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Get My Parking – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Get My Parking is addressing urban parking challenges with its IoT-enabled platform, making parking management more efficient and user-friendly.

5. Banyan Nation

Banyan Nation is a circular economy startup focused on recycling and waste management. They use technology to track and recycle plastic waste, creating a sustainable supply chain for plastic products.

SolutionsRecycling, waste management
Key FeaturesCircular economy, technology-driven

Banyan Nation – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Banyan Nation is promoting a circular economy by leveraging technology to track and recycle plastic waste, contributing to sustainable urban development.

6. FluxGen

FluxGen offers smart water management solutions that help industries and cities monitor, analyze, and optimize water usage. Their technology ensures efficient water management, reducing wastage and promoting sustainability.

SolutionsWater management, IoT
Key FeaturesReal-time monitoring, optimization
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

FluxGen – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FluxGen is enhancing water management in urban areas with its IoT-based solutions, ensuring efficient usage and sustainability.

7. Enlite

Enlite provides smart lighting solutions for urban areas. Their IoT-enabled street lighting systems reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, while enhancing safety and convenience in cities.

SolutionsSmart lighting, IoT
Key FeaturesEnergy efficiency, remote control
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Enlite – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Enlite is improving urban lighting with its smart, energy-efficient street lighting systems, contributing to safer and more sustainable cities.

8. Gaia Smart Cities

Gaia Smart Cities offers a comprehensive platform for smart city solutions, including IoT devices, data analytics, and city management tools. Their solutions aim to improve urban infrastructure and services.

SolutionsSmart city platform, IoT
Key FeaturesComprehensive solutions, data analytics
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Gaia Smart Cities – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Gaia Smart Cities is transforming urban management with its comprehensive platform that integrates IoT and data analytics for smarter city operations.

9. Quantela

Quantela provides smart city automation solutions that integrate various city functions like lighting, traffic management, and waste collection. Their platform uses AI and IoT to optimize urban services and improve efficiency.

SolutionsSmart city automation, AI, IoT
Key FeaturesIntegration of city functions, optimization
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Quantela – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Quantela is enhancing urban services with its AI and IoT-enabled platform, providing integrated solutions for efficient city management.

10. Chalo

Chalo offers a technology platform to improve public transportation in cities. Their solutions include real-time bus tracking, digital ticketing, and route optimization, making public transport more accessible and efficient.

SolutionsPublic transport, digital ticketing
Key FeaturesReal-time tracking, route optimization
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Chalo – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Chalo is revolutionizing public transportation with its technology platform, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of urban mobility.

FAQs on Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

  • What is a smart city startup?
  • A smart city startup develops and implements technologies to improve urban infrastructure, enhance quality of life, and promote sustainability in cities.
  • Why are smart city solutions important?
  • Smart city solutions address urban challenges like traffic congestion, pollution, and resource management, creating more efficient and livable cities.
  • What technologies are used in smart city solutions?
  • Technologies include IoT, AI, data analytics, and cloud computing, among others, to optimize urban services and infrastructure.
  • How do smart city startups contribute to sustainability?
  • They promote efficient resource management, reduce waste, and enhance energy efficiency, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • What is IoT, and how is it used in smart cities?
  • IoT (Internet of Things) refers to interconnected devices that collect and share data. In smart cities, IoT is used for applications like smart lighting, waste management, and traffic monitoring.
  • Are there government initiatives supporting smart cities in India?
  • Yes, the Indian government has launched the Smart Cities Mission to promote sustainable and inclusive development in urban areas.
  • What are the benefits of smart transportation solutions?
  • Benefits include reduced traffic congestion, improved public transport efficiency, and enhanced commuter convenience.
  • How can citizens participate in smart city initiatives?
  • Citizens can participate by using smart city services, providing feedback, and advocating for sustainable urban practices.
  • What challenges do smart city startups face?
  • Challenges include high implementation costs, technology integration, and ensuring data security and privacy.
  • What is the future outlook for smart cities in India?
  • The future is promising, with increasing adoption of smart technologies, government support, and agrowing focus on sustainable urban development.


The rise of smart city startups in India marks a transformative phase in urban development. These startups are leveraging advanced technologies to address urban challenges, improve infrastructure, and enhance the quality of life for citizens. From energy management and sustainable development to smart transportation and public services, these companies are at the forefront of creating intelligent and sustainable cities. As urbanization continues to accelerate, the role of smart city solutions will become increasingly crucial in shaping the future of India’s urban landscapes.

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