Top 10 AdTech Startups in india

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Top 10 AdTech Startups in india
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India Revolutionizing Advertising

AdTech startups in India are transforming the advertising landscape by leveraging technology to enhance targeting, streamline campaign management, and deliver measurable results. These innovative companies are redefining how brands connect with their audiences, utilizing data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Here’s a look at ten pioneering AdTech startups that are leading this transformation in India.

1. InMobi

InMobi is a global advertising platform that helps brands engage consumers through personalized and relevant ads. The platform uses advanced AI and data analytics to deliver targeted mobile advertising solutions, driving engagement and conversion rates.

Website: InMobi

MissionEnhance consumer engagement with targeted mobile ads
ServicesMobile advertising, data analytics
Key FeaturesAI-driven targeting, personalized ads
AdTech Startups

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2. is a leading contextual advertising network that enables advertisers to reach their target audience through innovative ad formats. The platform provides solutions for publishers to monetize their content effectively, leveraging machine learning and big data.


MissionMonetize content with contextual advertising
HeadquartersMumbai and New York
ServicesContextual advertising, publisher solutions
Key FeaturesInnovative ad formats, big data analytics
AdTech Startups

3. AdPushup

AdPushup helps publishers optimize their ad revenue through A/B testing and advanced machine learning algorithms. The platform offers solutions for ad layout optimization, header bidding, and programmatic advertising, ensuring maximum yield for publishers.


Website: AdPushup

MissionOptimize ad revenue for publishers
HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesAd layout optimization, programmatic advertising
Key FeaturesA/B testing, machine learning algorithms
AdTech Startups

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4. Vserv

Vserv is a mobile marketing platform that leverages data to deliver personalized advertising experiences. The platform uses smart data to create targeted campaigns, helping brands reach the right audience at the right time.

Website: Vserv

MissionDeliver personalized mobile advertising experiences
ServicesMobile marketing, data-driven advertising
Key FeaturesSmart data targeting, personalized campaigns
AdTech Startups

5. Affle

Affle is a global technology company that provides mobile marketing solutions to advertisers. The platform uses consumer intelligence and analytics to deliver engaging ads, drive user acquisitions, and enhance retargeting efforts.

Website: Affle

MissionEnhance mobile marketing with consumer intelligence
ServicesMobile marketing, user acquisition
Key FeaturesConsumer analytics, retargeting solutions
AdTech Startups

6. Fork Media

Fork Media provides innovative advertising solutions that connect brands with their target audience through engaging content. The platform specializes in native advertising, ensuring seamless integration of ads with editorial content to enhance user experience.

Website: Fork Media

MissionConnect brands with audiences through native ads
ServicesNative advertising, content marketing
Key FeaturesSeamless ad integration, engaging content
AdTech Startups

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7. AdYogi

AdYogi is a performance marketing platform that helps e-commerce brands optimize their digital advertising campaigns. The platform provides tools for ad creation, budget management, and performance tracking, ensuring high ROI for advertisers.

Website: AdYogi

MissionOptimize digital advertising for e-commerce brands
ServicesPerformance marketing, campaign optimization
Key FeaturesBudget management, performance tracking
AdTech Startups

8. RevX

RevX is a programmatic advertising platform that helps brands achieve high performance through data-driven marketing. The platform offers solutions for user acquisition, engagement, and retention, utilizing AI and machine learning to optimize ad campaigns.

Website: RevX

MissionDrive high-performance advertising through data
ServicesProgrammatic advertising, user engagement
Key FeaturesAI-driven optimization, user retention
AdTech Startups

9. mCanvas

mCanvas offers creative advertising solutions for mobile platforms, focusing on delivering immersive and interactive ad experiences. The platform uses rich media formats to engage users and enhance brand storytelling.

Website: mCanvas

MissionEnhance mobile advertising with immersive experiences
ServicesMobile advertising, rich media ads
Key FeaturesInteractive ad formats, brand storytelling
AdTech Startups

10. Xapads Media

Xapads Media is a programmatic advertising company that offers end-to-end solutions for digital marketing. The platform uses AI and big data to deliver targeted ads across various channels, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Xapads Media

Website: Xapads Media

MissionDeliver targeted ads with AI and big data
ServicesProgrammatic advertising, digital marketing
Key FeaturesAI-driven targeting, multi-channel reach
AdTech Startups

These AdTech startups are at the forefront of transforming advertising in India by integrating advanced technologies and innovative solutions. As the AdTech sector continues to evolve, these companies are expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of advertising and digital marketing in India.


Q: What is AdTech, and why is it important?

A: AdTech, short for Advertising Technology, refers to the use of technology to manage and improve advertising campaigns. It is important as it enhances targeting, optimizes ad spend, and provides measurable results, ultimately improving the effectiveness of advertising.

Q: How are AdTech startups benefiting the advertising industry in India?

A: AdTech startups are leveraging data analytics, AI, and machine learning to deliver targeted and personalized advertising, optimize campaign performance, and provide actionable insights. They help brands connect with their audiences more effectively and efficiently.

Q: What are the challenges associated with AdTech adoption?

A: Challenges include data privacy concerns, integration with existing marketing systems, and the need for continuous adaptation to rapidly changing technologies. Overcoming these challenges requires robust solutions and proactive strategies from AdTech startups.

**Q: How can organizations evaluate the credibility of AdTech


A: Organizations should consider factors such as the startup’s track record, client testimonials, security measures, scalability of the platform, and compliance with data protection laws. Partnerships with industry leaders and certifications also add to credibility.

Q: What is the future outlook for AdTech in India?

A: The future of AdTech in India looks promising with ongoing advancements in AI, machine learning, and data analytics. There is a growing focus on personalized advertising experiences, cross-channel marketing, and performance-driven strategies to enhance ad effectiveness.

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