Darpan Sanghvi: Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry with MyGlamm

Darpan Sanghvi is a prominent entrepreneur and the founder of MyGlamm, a leading beauty and personal care brand based in India. With his innovative vision and commitment to transforming the beauty industry, Sanghvi has established MyGlamm as a trailblazer in the market. This article delves into Darpan Sanghvi’s journey, his contributions to MyGlamm’s success, and his notable achievements in the beauty and personal care sector.


Full NameDarpan Sanghvi
IndustryBeauty and Personal Care
HeadquartersMumbai, India
EducationBachelor’s in Commerce
(University of Mumbai)
Notable AchievementsForbes 30 Under 30 Asia (2019)
Cosmopolitan Beauty Disruptor Award

Early Life and Education:

Darpan Sanghvi completed his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai, where he developed a strong foundation in business and entrepreneurship. His passion for the beauty industry, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, set the stage for his groundbreaking venture.

The Birth of MyGlamm:

In 2017, Darpan Sanghvi founded MyGlamm with the vision of creating a disruptive beauty brand that offers high-quality, innovative products and services directly to consumers. Recognizing the evolving preferences and needs of modern consumers, Sanghvi aimed to bridge the gap between traditional beauty practices and contemporary lifestyle demands.

MyGlamm’s Success Story:

Under Darpan Sanghvi’s leadership, MyGlamm has experienced remarkable growth and has become a frontrunner in the beauty and personal care industry. The brand offers a comprehensive range of makeup, skincare, and personal care products, blending international trends with Indian sensibilities. MyGlamm’s unique direct-to-consumer model has enabled it to build a strong online presence and deliver personalized beauty experiences.

Innovative Offerings and Partnerships:

Darpan Sanghvi’s relentless pursuit of innovation has led MyGlamm to introduce disruptive products and services. The brand has collaborated with renowned celebrity makeup artists and experts to curate exclusive collections and bring professional-quality beauty to consumers’ fingertips. Additionally, MyGlamm has leveraged cutting-edge technology to offer virtual makeup try-on tools, providing an immersive and personalized shopping experience.

Notable Achievements:

Darpan Sanghvi’s exceptional contributions to the beauty industry have garnered widespread recognition. In 2019, he was featured in Forbes’ prestigious “30 Under 30 Asia” list, which celebrates young entrepreneurs making significant impacts in their respective fields. Sanghvi’s visionary approach and dedication to transforming the beauty landscape have earned him the Cosmopolitan Beauty Disruptor Award in 2019, solidifying his reputation as an industry leader.

Darpan Sanghvi’s entrepreneurial journey and visionary leadership have positioned MyGlamm as an influential force in the beauty and personal care sector. Through his commitment to innovation, Sanghvi has revolutionized the way consumers engage with beauty products and services. With MyGlamm’s continued growth and impact, Darpan Sanghvi serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and beauty enthusiasts, redefining industry standards and shaping the future of the beauty landscape.

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