Top 10 Legal Services Startups in india

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Top 10 Legal Services Startups in india

Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India Revolutionizing Legal Solutions

India’s legal services sector is witnessing transformation through innovative startups that leverage technology to provide accessible, efficient, and affordable legal solutions. These startups cater to various legal needs, from online dispute resolution to contract management and legal advice. Here are the top 10 legal services startups in India:

1. LawRato

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Website: LawRato

Mission: LawRato connects individuals and businesses with lawyers across various practice areas, offering legal advice, documentation, and representation services.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesLegal advice, documentation, representation
Key FeaturesLawyer discovery, online consultations

2. Vakilsearch

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Website: Vakilsearch

Mission: Vakilsearch provides online legal services, including company registration, trademark filing, and legal compliance for startups and businesses.

ServicesCompany registration, trademark filing, legal compliance
Key FeaturesOnline documentation, compliance tracking

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3. MyAdvo

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Website: MyAdvo

Mission: MyAdvo is a legal tech platform connecting individuals and businesses with verified lawyers for legal advice, documentation, and dispute resolution services.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesLegal advice, documentation, dispute resolution
Key FeaturesLawyer matchmaking, case tracking

4. LegalDesk

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Website: LegalDesk

Mission: LegalDesk offers online legal services for drafting legal documents, agreements, and contracts, catering to individual and business needs.

ServicesDocument drafting, contract creation
Key FeaturesTemplate customization, e-signatures

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5. SpotDraft

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Website: SpotDraft

Mission: SpotDraft automates contract management and legal document review using AI, simplifying legal workflows for businesses.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesContract management, document review
Key FeaturesAI-powered review, automated workflows

6. Lexcarts

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Website: Lexcarts

Mission: Lexcarts offers legal services marketplace for businesses, providing access to lawyers for contract drafting, compliance, and legal consultation.

ServicesContract drafting, compliance, legal consultation
Key FeaturesTransparent pricing, lawyer ratings

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7. Lawyered

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Website: Lawyered

Mission: Lawyered connects startups and SMEs with legal professionals for legal advice, documentation, and compliance services.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesLegal advice, documentation, compliance services
Key FeaturesStartup focus, personalized legal assistance

8. Legistify

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Website: Legistify

Mission: Legistify offers legal tech solutions for individuals and businesses, including legal document drafting, property verification, and dispute resolution.

ServicesDocument drafting, property verification, dispute resolution
Key FeaturesOnline legal marketplace, verified lawyers

9. LawAdvisor India

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Website: LawAdvisor India

Mission: LawAdvisor India provides legal advisory and support services, facilitating legal consultations and contract drafting for businesses.

ServicesLegal advisory, contract drafting, consultations
Key FeaturesOn-demand legal services, expert advice

10. Legal Salah

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Website: Legal Salah

Mission: Legal Salah offers online legal services, including company registration, legal advice, and compliance solutions for businesses.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesCompany registration, legal advice, compliance
Key FeaturesEasy documentation, expert consultation


These legal services startups are reshaping the legal landscape in India by making legal assistance more accessible and efficient for individuals and businesses alike.


Q: What types of legal services do these startups offer?
A: They offer a range of services including legal advice, document drafting, contract management, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Q: How can startups and businesses benefit from using legal tech platforms?
A: These platforms streamline legal processes, reduce costs, provide access to expert legal advice, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Q: Are these legal services startups reliable for sensitive legal matters?
A: Yes, many of these startups verify their lawyers and offer transparent processes to ensure reliability and trustworthiness.

Q: What should businesses consider when choosing a legal services startup?
A: Factors to consider include the startup’s reputation, specialization, pricing model, and customer reviews.

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