Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in india

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Cyber Defense Startups

Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India Safeguarding Digital Assets

India’s cybersecurity landscape is bolstered by innovative startups focused on defending against digital threats and ensuring robust cyber defense strategies. These cybersecurity startups leverage advanced technologies to protect organizations from cyberattacks, data breaches, and other online risks. Here are the top 10 cyber defense startups in India:

1. Lucideus

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Cyber Defense Startups

Website: Lucideus

Mission: Lucideus specializes in cybersecurity platforms and services, including risk assessment, compliance management, and threat detection to secure digital assets.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesRisk assessment, compliance management, threat detection
Key FeaturesCyber risk quantification, continuous monitoring
Cyber Defense Startups

2. TAC Security

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Website: TAC Security

Mission: TAC Security offers cybersecurity consulting and managed security services to protect enterprises from cyber threats with a focus on proactive defense strategies.

ServicesManaged security services, consulting
Key FeaturesVulnerability management, threat intelligence
Cyber Defense Startups

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3. Quick Heal Technologies

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Website: Quick Heal

Mission: Quick Heal provides antivirus and cybersecurity solutions for individuals and enterprises, including endpoint protection and threat intelligence.

ServicesAntivirus, endpoint security, threat intelligence
Key FeaturesMulti-layered protection, real-time threat detection
Cyber Defense Startups

4. Seqrite

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Website: Seqrite

Mission: Seqrite offers enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions such as endpoint security, network protection, and data loss prevention.

ServicesEndpoint security, network protection, data loss prevention
Key FeaturesAdvanced threat detection, cloud-based security
Cyber Defense Startups

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5. Kratikal Tech Pvt. Ltd.

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Website: Kratikal

Mission: Kratikal Tech offers cybersecurity assessment and training solutions, focusing on simulated phishing attacks and security awareness programs.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesCybersecurity assessment, training
Key FeaturesPhishing simulation, security awareness training
Cyber Defense Startups

6. Appknox

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Website: Appknox

Mission: Appknox provides mobile application security solutions, including vulnerability assessment and compliance checks.

ServicesMobile app security, vulnerability assessment
Key FeaturesAutomated scans, compliance checks
Cyber Defense Startups

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7. CyberEye

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Website: CyberEye

Mission: CyberEye offers cybersecurity consulting and managed security services, specializing in threat detection and incident response.

ServicesCybersecurity consulting, managed security
Key FeaturesThreat hunting, incident response
Cyber Defense Startups

8. Aujas Cybersecurity

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Website: Aujas

Mission: Aujas provides risk management and cybersecurity services, focusing on security strategy, compliance, and digital transformation.

ServicesRisk management, cybersecurity, compliance
Key FeaturesSecurity strategy consulting, digital risk assessment
Cyber Defense Startups

9. SecPod Technologies

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Website: SecPod

Mission: SecPod Technologies offers endpoint security management solutions, including vulnerability assessment and patch management.

ServicesEndpoint security, vulnerability assessment
Key FeaturesPatch management, compliance reporting
Cyber Defense Startups

10. Safe Security

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Website: Safe Security

Mission: Safe Security provides cybersecurity analytics and risk management solutions, leveraging AI and ML for threat detection and response.

ServicesCybersecurity analytics, risk management
Key FeaturesAI-driven threat detection, automated response
Cyber Defense Startups


These cyber defense startups in India play a crucial role in safeguarding digital infrastructure against evolving cyber threats, ensuring secure operations for businesses and organizations.


Q: How do cyber defense startups contribute to cybersecurity in India?
A: They provide advanced technologies and services to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats effectively.

Q: What are the key challenges faced by cyber defense startups?
A: Challenges include staying ahead of evolving threats, maintaining compliance with regulations, and addressing skills shortages in cybersecurity.

Q: How important is cybersecurity for businesses today?
A: Cybersecurity is critical for protecting sensitive data, maintaining trust with customers, and ensuring operational continuity.

Q: How can businesses choose the right cyber defense solution provider?
A: Consider factors such as expertise in industry verticals, technology stack, scalability of solutions, and customer support.

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