Fitness -Easy for some, irrelevant for others and super difficult for the other few. For Cheena, it’s way of her life.

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Cheena started her fitness journey 7 years back by herself by trying every possible thing to reduce weight be it zumba, aerobics, cardio and starving myself.

Through her journey, Cheena spent thousands of bucks in adopting fancy fitness programs which lasted for few months – a very promising start, but ending in a gutter every single time. Every time she lost weight, she would gain it back because the choices she made and they were not sustainable and difficult to stick to for lifetime. On the top of it, these quick fix weight loss had huge mood swings and physical weakness.

She loves to travel but her physical fitness (or lack of it) made her travels less enjoyable. She would easily get back pain and get huffy puffy within minutes. She would get agitated, irritated and angry very easily even though she was “technically” looking fitter.

Almost 4.5 years back Cheena came across FITTR (previously known as SQUATS) and started following quantified nutrition and strength training. It is as easy as it sounds, you quantity your food (quite literally) and do resistance training. She admitted quantifying felt difficult in beginning but it was easily super fun as the time progressed.

Having 50g of dal sounds difficult than having 1 katori of dal, but knowing that dal could be any dal and it can be replaced with different food items at times is the icing on the cake. Yes she turned into a seasoned mathematician at times when she’s calculating those macros but trust her its fun once you get the hang of it.

Once she really understood how quantified nutrition works, she never looked back since. Not only she has dropped 30 kgs in initial 2.5 years but maintained it pretty well.
She has zero health issues and infact she feels better than before. She’s able to travel, trek, hike, work and able to help her parents with household stuff with zero issues.

Guess what, she’s now a certified fitness and nutrition specialist and trained over 1000+ people all across the globe. She said she loves doing this and will keep doing it for lifetime.

In the modern lifestyles we have adopted, the lifestyle disorders are more prevalent than the real diseases. It might be exaggerating, but I feel at least 70% of population has got Diabetes or Thyroid or PCOS these days all of which can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself physically active.

If she can do it, anyone can. We just need a good supporting hand and right direction. She said she’s blessed to be surrounded with a lot of knowledgeable friends who have selflessly helped her in getting here. She’s so grateful to the whole fitness fraternity too get me where she’s today

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