Unleashing Sustainability: Sentra.world Secures $2 Mn Seed Funding to Drive ESG Excellence

Sustainable Future Unleashed: Sentra.world Secures $2 Mn Seed Funding for ESG SaaS Platform

Sentra.world, an ESG SaaS platform driving sustainability in industrial businesses, has successfully raised $2 million in a seed funding round, led by Avaana Capital, a prominent climate-tech venture capital firm. RPG Ventures and Golden Sparrow Ventures also participated in the funding round.

The recently acquired funds will fuel Sentra.world’s global expansion, platform development, and sectoral intelligence enhancement. The platform aims to serve industrial businesses not only in India but also in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

Sentra.world, founded by Harsh Choudhry and Vikas Upadhyay, is a technology platform that empowers industrial businesses on their net-zero journeys. It provides accurate, comprehensive, efficient, and traceable methods to measure emissions performance, supporting these businesses in their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Harsh Choudhry, Co-founder and CEO of Sentra.world, expressed their vision, stating, “We envision empowering global industrial businesses on their net-zero journeys through sector-specific SaaS products. By prioritizing Scope 3 emissions, we drive sustainability across the value chain for industrial businesses in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, with future expansion into Europe. Our goal is to have 500 industrial companies and 500,000 suppliers as valued customers, managing 1% of global emissions within five years.”

Sentra.world offers a suite of products, including Sentra.network, Sentra.calculus, and Sentra.portfolio, to help industrial companies manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These solutions cover emissions from their own operations, their suppliers (scope 3), and the holding company level, respectively. The platform’s commitment to sustainability and net-zero goals enables businesses to achieve ESG excellence through innovative Scope 3 solutions.

Anjali Bansal, Founding Partner at Avaana Capital, commented on the development, stating, “We are excited to lead the seed funding round for sentra.world and support their groundbreaking efforts in Scope 3 emissions management. Their innovative platform and comprehensive suite of solutions address critical challenges faced by industrial businesses, driving sustainability and enabling a greener future. We are confident that sentra.world will play a pivotal role in shaping the industrial sector’s transition to net-zero emissions.”

ESG, standing for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a framework used to assess the sustainability and ethical impact of businesses and investment opportunities. It considers factors such as environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and effective corporate governance.

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