Top 5 Big Data Technologies 2021

Big Data has become a necessary component of any organisation in order to improve decision-making and obtain a competitive advantage over competitors. Big Data technologies like Apache Spark and Cassandra are in high demand as a result. Companies are searching for experts who know how to use them to get the most out of the data generated within their walls.

These data tools aid in the management of large data sets as well as the identification of patterns and trends within them. So, if you want to work in the Big Data industry, you’ll need to learn how to use these technologies.

1.Apache Storm

Apache Storm is a distributed real-time data stream processing platform. It’s written in Java and Clojure, but it can work with any programming language. Nathan Marz created the software, which was later acquired by Twitter in 2011.

2. MongoDB

This is an advanced open-source NoSQL database that can replace contemporary databases. It’s a document-oriented database that can hold a lot of information. Documents and collections will be used instead of rows and columns as in traditional databases.

3. Cassandra

Cassandra is a distributed database management system for storing and processing massive amounts of data across multiple computers. This is one of the most widely used Big Data technologies for dealing with structured data sets. It was created as a NoSQL solution by Facebook. Netflix, Twitter, and Cisco are among the companies that now use it.

4. Cloudera

Cloudera is currently one of the fastest and most secure Big Data systems available. It started out as an open-source Apache Hadoop distribution geared toward enterprise-class deployments. This flexible platform makes it simple to get data from any setting.

5. OpenRefine

OpenRefine is a strong Big Data tool for cleansing data and converting it to other forms. This tool allows you to conveniently browse large data collections.

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