Togai Revolutionizes B2B SaaS Pricing with $3.1 Mn Seed Funding

Togai’s groundbreaking metering and pricing platform secures $3.1 million in funding to revolutionize B2B SaaS pricing strategies.

Togai, a game-changing B2B SaaS platform, has successfully secured $3.1 million (Rs 25.6 crore) in seed funding, led by Together Fund. Notable participants in the funding round include VC firm BoldCap, Core91, and angel investor Prasanna Shankar (Rippling).

The newly raised capital will fuel Togai’s product development initiatives and support the expansion of its operations into new geographical markets.

Togai is an innovative metering and pricing platform designed specifically for B2B companies. It tracks real-time product usage, consolidates the data to align with businesses’ pricing strategies, and provides comprehensive revenue visibility for both businesses and their customers.

By adopting a forward-thinking approach, Togai empowers enterprises to make instantaneous and personalized pricing changes, allowing them to stay competitive in today’s dynamic billing and pricing landscape.

Abhishek Rajagopal, Co-founder and CEO of Togai, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “With Togai, SaaS companies can quickly test and implement pricing strategies, going live within days instead of months. We are committed to developing end-to-end monetization solutions for this rapidly growing sector and for any B2B entity seeking to drive growth and profitability through pricing changes. Additionally, we are excited to expand our presence to new territories.”

The Togai platform enables businesses to implement pricing changes effortlessly, without requiring extensive engineering efforts. Its plug-and-play model seamlessly integrates with existing quote-to-cash systems, allowing pricing and finance teams to deploy their strategies with ease.

Commenting on this development, Manav Garg, Founding Partner at Together Fund, remarked, “As we navigate an AI-first world, the focus shifts from ‘subscribers’ or ‘users’ to ‘software’ and ‘workflows.’ Traditional pay-as-you-go models, although straightforward, often overlook the full value that a product offers to customers, relying on a cost-plus pricing strategy. This evolution challenges conventional subscription and seat-based pricing models, calling for a comprehensive reimagining. Togai addresses this need by helping SaaS companies reconstruct their pricing models from the ground up.”

The success of Togai reflects the rising trend of B2B SaaS startups securing substantial investments., an ESG SaaS platform, recently raised $2 million in a seed funding round led by Avaana Capital, an early-stage climate-tech venture capital firm, with participation from RPG Ventures and Golden Sparrow Ventures. Additionally, BharatNxt, a B2B-focused fintech startup, raised $1.2 million (Rs 9.8 crore) in seed funding, led by Inflection Point Ventures.