Shama Dubey made her own identity in the fashion industry by winning shows one after the other.

Shama Dubey, a resident of Bhiwadi, who has entered the fashion industry with her hard work and noble intentions. She has managed to make a distinct identity of her own. Yes, let us tell you that Shama Dubey first started her journey by winning the title of First Runner Up in the show held in Mrs. Bhiwadi 2017 and after that once again in the year 2021, Shama participated in the Mrs. Top Model of India show. She took the title of Second Runner Up with her hard work, after that Shama did not look back and went on to achieve success one after the other. Recently, she once again participated in the fashion competition named Mrs. Style Icon 2021, winning that show, Shama raised her spirits further. Shama Dubey said “ in this whole journey, my husband has given me a lot of support, he supported me every moment and always used to encourage me, whatever I am today, I am because of him. My 2 beautiful daughters also supported me unconditionally. Shama further told that after winning a lot of shows, I also put forwarded my hand in anchoring and I got success in that too, when I started anchoring in the show, many people liked my style and that is why I got best anchor award on Women’s Day in the year 2022 by Network Rainbow Media . Shama Dubey is also a fantastic groomer along with a fashion model and anchor and she has also impressed many models with her grooming classes.