Modelling dreams will now become a reality with ‘The Model Mentor’: No scammers just the mentor and mentee

Models aren’t just models; they are the vision of a fantasy to be brought into a lifestyle. The task of visualisation isn’t easy, so models take up a massive task in every shoot. It’s like speaking and conveying the whole story with one’s body and passion flawlessly.

Young girls and boys with lots of zeal and determination step into Mumbai to make their dreams a reality. Modelling is a dream for many that they wanna live and aspire to. The world is too harsh often, and naive people get trapped in this brutal cycle. Aspiring models often reach agencies, and after multiple rejections, saddened, they end up with the brokers, the people who promise to take them to agencies, and they are the scammers who earn wholesome money fooling these young talents.

A young boy with lots of determination born and brought up in Mumbai aspired to be a fashion model. He went out reaching agencies and facing rejections as nothing worked for a long. Being intelligent enough, the boy made multiple attempts to reach out to various agencies, but before that, he worked on grooming himself. No one mentored him but seeing the models and analysing them; he polished himself in every possible way. Success is where preparation meets opportunity. This boy, so well prepared, got his first call from an international agency in Canada, and he went on to shoot there. This one shoot created wonders for him, and he eventually started his modelling career after long preparation, patience and determination. He got offers from different agencies and was loaded with international and national offers.

After working for many agencies and modelling for various famous brands, this boy got calls and messages from aspiring models for modelling tips and guidance. This circle eventually grew, and thus was born The Model Mentor.

Model Mentor is a trustworthy company created to assist aspiring models from all walks of life in refining and realising their full potential. At model mentors, they support all aspiring models in their efforts to acquire the necessary abilities and educate them on the prevalent industry frauds. In addition to developing our people from the ground up, we also position them in the best agencies.

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A young boy transformed into a professional model and is helping many other boys and girls to transform into successful models. This professional model is none other than the great fashion model Shubham Shinde. He has worked in many countries: London, Canada, and Milan, and now mentoring at his firm, The Model Mentor.

Shubham Shinde Mentor is a present International model; he has contracts with several agencies worldwide and has collaborated with numerous companies and fashion designers.

After launching The Model Mentor, Shubham Shinde later partnered with Soham Patil, a great model himself. Soham Patil, who is 22 years old, has been modelling and acting for several years. He has worked for many companies, including Snapdeal, Starbucks, India, Blue Brew, Pant Project, Elevar Sports, and troy costa designer for Lakme Fashion Week. He has recorded a little scene with Luv Ranjan Productions for Good bad films. Soham has worked with different agencies and is one of the renowned models in the industry.

Soham works collaboratively at The Model Mentor, working on creating links with agencies and making the placement process more manageable and smoother. The Model Mentor is run by both Soham and Shubham, mentoring aspirants to transform into successful models.

At The Model Mentor, aspiring models are mentored and groomed to kickstart as models. Models are trained and helped with the model book’s curation, which ultimately helps them bag placements in big agencies. Over the years, almost 60+ models have been trained and successfully working with big fashion brands.

Shubham Shinde and Soham Patil, the mentors, have connections with big fashion hubs and agencies, helping their trainees acquire contracts and fulfil their dreams. The trainees have turned into fashion models and are seen everywhere, from Lakme Fashion Week to carousels of Reliance Trends, H&M and all such vast names.