Loop Techno Systems PVT LTD (LTS Group) start-ups Hilorke.com raised over 25cr)

022023 0619 LoopTechnoS1

Loop Techno Systems PVT LTD, a Delhi-based multidimensional Manufacturing Company, company Manufacturing baby care products milk feeding bottle medical electronics security survey equipment Health and wellness product The company has recently decided and in a statement issued by the company, it has been told that it is working on a mega e-commerce and social media platform (Hilorke), which will soon be launched in the market. . Funding of 100 crores has been fixed for the project and in the first round of funding the company has received funding of more than 25 crores and for further funding the companies are in talks with Japanese and American investors.

The company’s market strategy is to grow in the personal care adult products ayurveda products category and this is an emerging market in India as major e-commerce platforms in India such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. ignore adult products. The market of personal care products is growing continuously and it has become more than 20 thousand crores.