Jainism Update launched its first product on the auspicious occasion of Mahavir Janma Kalyanak

Jainism is a very old religion, but in the modern period, it is also spread through digital media. Today, we’ll tell you about one channel that broadcasts Jainism updates. The Jainism Update page displays how Jainism is promoted through digital media, works to support Jain talent and provide a platform, and has consistently been at the forefront of Jainism’s activities.

“Has more than 50,000 followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook together” It is at the forefront and continuously working in the field of religion in which updates have recently added their first product “Vintage Navkar Mantra” on the occasion of Mahavir Janma Kalyanak.”

Shubham Jain, the founder of Jainism Update, says that he started it in 2020 at the time of Corona, he had gained more than 10000 followers within just 2 months, and his aim was to promote Jain talent from the beginning. To give and bring forward the talents at the same time they have to spread the pilgrimage areas of Jain religions and simultaneously organize trips. Shubham Jain says that later he has to establish the pilgrimage area as well.

For more information visit: https://jainismupdate.com/