How two friends from a small town started a lifestyle brand in Delhi

Two friends starting a venture is never easy, and a lot of effort goes behind the scenes to keep it running & make it profitable. There’s struggle, stress, workload and weeks and weeks of planning. Finding a gap and making sure your products are the right fit are the crucial steps for any startup. 

While trends changed frequently, people see a need to keep up with them, leading to a cluttered wardrobe around the year. Ashish and Nilesh found a gap of essential clothing in the men’s fashion industry and decided to solve it with their range of Minimal & Timeless essentials. That’s how BEYOURS came into existence.

Ashish and Nilesh wanted to do things differently and bring a virtuous change. The duo wanted to create a brand that should focus on minimal and comfortable wear with the vision of creating classic pieces that would rise above the concept of trendy clothes and help people pursue the art of minimal clothing. 

They were highly motivated about their brand & vision. Fuelled by the passion for starting a new venture, the partners thoroughly enjoyed the initial days of hustle. Eventually, both of them left their professional course and business to do something out of the box.

At the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, they’ve put their sole focus on their business model and product development. Starting up with the seed funding from the family, the founders have mastered the art of bootstrapping and applied it in their startup. They were just a team of two originally responsible for designing, developing and selling the products, which expanded to a family of 10+ highly enthusiastic & ambitious professionals. To drive sales as a new brand, you need to gain the trust of your consumers, which was another challenge they were facing.

Execution of plan required to research, fabric testing and finding out the best fabric which gives comfort & durability at the same time. Soon after the product development, they launched the brand with their first collection on Facebook & Instagram. Following the Digital First strategy, soon they launched their eCommerce website at

Then came the pandemic forcing many businesses to slow down or cease temporarily. But Beyours decided to boost their business by launching pandemic-driven minimal design & sustainable men’s wear. Slowly and steadily, they launched a few more varieties, including the classic oxford shirts and joggers. They focus equally on providing fair wages and an ethical working environment to their staff.

In a mere span of around 12 months, they diversified their product range of Timeless essentials. With a Thoughtful collection such as: 

  • The Air Collection: Purily focuses on lightweight & easy clothing.
  • Everyday pants (Trogger – TROuser + joGGER ) – A hybrid between Usual Trouser & Jogger. Wearing pants with the comfort of a jogger.
  • Classic shirts: All-purpose essentials.
  • 24 Hour Collection: 4 Way & 2 Way Stretch Pants, which remain comfortable throughout the day.
  • Triblend T-shirts: The softest Tshirts made with Supima cotton, Lenzing modal & Elastane
  • Sweatpants & Their easy version: The easy sweatpants.

To date, they have launched 30+ categories. To add to the beauty of this range, the colors were chosen for these products are neutrals, making these products classic and timeless. High-density Premium Cotton being the core fabric in most of their pieces, accounts for their comfort. They have been following an extensive design process to ensure their consumers get the best and they are working diligently to broaden their consumer base. 

Building a brand from scratch is difficult, but surviving the cut-throat competition of the fast-paced industry is even daunting. The team at beyours has played swiftly amidst the hurdles and Beyours has released 30+ categories and acquired 70K+ customers for their timeless essentials in these 3 years and is blooming with each passing day. As a growth-stage startup, we’ll see a lot more from the brand in the years to come.