Anjali kapoor won the Title of Mrs GRACEFUL in MS Plus Size Show Organize By Maven Productions under the guidance of Mr Hardeep Arora

Anjali Kapoor, a jewellery designer by profession and partner in Kapoor Jewellers based in central market in New Delhi, is an ardent believer in what she quotes above. In August 2021, Anjali made her family and herself proud by being titled in the Maven Plus.

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Hardeep Arora and his dedicated team of skilled trainers, Anjali was able to hone her ability to showcase her Grace and beauty wich won her the title she very well and truly deserved. Anjali gives the onus of this achievement to her to young children who have been pillars of constant support and encouragement besides her husband and mother in law.

Her source of inspiration, she says, is her mother who believes in the power of positive thinking.
Being a model was a dream Anjali’s late father had seen for her and she feels blessed to have lived the same. She believes it’s never too late attain your goals and work constantly towards achieving your dreams. She looks forward to more opportunities and and projects where she can unveil her passion for modelling.