Marketpreneur: We are the brand builders: Advertise, Strategize, and Optimize

Simran Bhatia, with her team of business advisors and social media strategists in Marketpreneur, does marketing and brand building for women entrepreneurs and local businesses in India.  Marketpreneur started back in late 2018 when Simran, a well-travelled lifestyle influencer decided to go on with her venture. She decided to use her status of being a featured marketing strategist and support women entrepreneurs and local businesses. The firm focuses on getting direct sales alongside personal branding for its clients through effective and innovative strategies. Marketpreneur offers its world-class services at the best possible budget.

Marketpreneur for women entrepreneurs

Within the last decade, there has been a boom in women entrepreneurship all around the world. Over 1/3rd of the entrepreneurial ventures are being run by women. Gradually women entrepreneurs have successfully emerged as accolade earners in the industry. Simran believed in the power of women entrepreneurs and has always tried to find ways for strengthening and helping them grow economically, socially, and culturally, leveraging the power of digital marketing. Women have exhibited exceptional potential and capabilities with a determined mindset. Hence, for a woman entrepreneur to unlock her true potential and confidence, it is central to support them with an adequate framework to uplift not only their business but also the society and economy in all its entirety.

Marketing for businesses

To execute a successful business, it is so important to acknowledge the importance of marketing. Even though every company’s main aim is to manufacture their products and services in premium quality for the customers or clients to buy and invest in. But have you ever thought about how these products get recognition? Or what makes a company make so much profitable? or how businesses get successful in no time?

Well, all of this is achieved by taking up certain practices to promote or advertise their products and services. These practices are adopted to target a significant audience and increase traffic by attracting more and more people. To say it simply, it is nothing but marketing a product or service that benefits a company. Simran knew the power of marketing in the corporate world and how it’s essential for the growth of a company.

Challenge accepted

Big power comes with bigger responsibilities and challenges. Simran also faced certain obstacles and challenges while beginning her journey as an entrepreneur back in 2018. One of the biggest challenges of running a start-up is finding enough time and energy for one’s personal life. While it is true that there is a strong correlation between hours worked and revenue growth, taking care of one’s physical and psychological wellbeing will pay dividends in the long run personally, but also professionally. Simran’s team at Marketpreneur has made it possible for her to overcome these challenges. The team has always supported her and helped in avoiding unrealistic expectations of people at a personal and professional level.

Founder’s impact

Most Start-up Founders don’t stay on as CEOs. The Founders of most start-ups end up taking a backseat mostly in the long run. Whereas it could be their idea or innovation driving the business, they are likely not to lead the companies which they created but that is something very true when it comes to Marketpreneur. Simran has worked very hard to set up the business with a lot of patience and courage.

Marketing at its finest

She makes her customers realize that there is more to marketing than just selling and being a business function. It is no longer just an ad campaign aimed to fool people into buying products or services. It is a whole procedure of integrating customers into the product’s intention. Marketing designs a systematic process for the interaction of products and services with the customers to build a balanced relationship. Therefore, Simran helps her clients with a team of SEO Specialists, Social Media Managers, Performance Marketing Specialists, and Social Media Interns.

Marketpreneur offers the finest and most personalized marketing services and strategies in the country, prepared by the supreme folks of the industry. They consider their employees as partners, as they always try to provide the best services to their clients. The skilled employees are at the heart of the Marketpreneur Experience. Every single person from the platform shares a mission to empower women entrepreneurs and local businesses through a close-knit team of marketing professionals.

Future plans

Marketpreneur has worked with sustainable brands ever since they started this venture. Simran has big plans for the future and would like to increase her business in providing her services and strategies in the healthcare industry as well as keeping pandemics in mind. She has already received a few briefs from companies in the healthcare arena and the her team is working on it.

On being asked about her mantra for success, she simply replied with the quote- “What we do, we do well”. Winning Trust of Customers is the prime concern of Marketpreneur while facing challenges. It is a team of experts, who do their job well and live for customer satisfaction. With well-trained industry experts and determination, the team hopes to expand its global clientele. It is well said, if you aim higher than you expect, you should reach higher than you dreamed.


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