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This is Amit Chhabria, Founder of RecroSols – One of India’s finest digital marketing agencies that are Enabling Entrepreneurs to develop their Brand/s with best-in-class service availed by 1500+ other Brands Around the Globe! And today I’m going to share the herbs that you’ll be needing to spice up your sales cycle!


The best salesperson knows that a sale is a number and time-bound game! The goal here is to sort out prospects as quickly as possible than holding on and waiting for the deal to get closed. Instead of trying to play the waiting game – the Top Salesperson would simply focus on low-hanging fruits to weed themselves out quickly and spend time on other best prospects to grow their business.

Understand that you don’t have to make everyone happy. I personally recommend following the 75/25 Rule!, where 75% of commissions are coming from 25% of our clients – Paying a lot of attention to the best prospects that you have and transferring smaller clients to someone else to be managed! – Yes, the small parties would be a little unhappy but that’s how salespeople roll the dice.

Always stay one step ahead of your client. The best salesperson understands their best clients inside and out. They do their research, and dig down deep, into the client and the industry. Their goal is to find problems and opportunities for their clients before the client is even aware of it.

Underpromise and over-deliver

Salespersons know that if they set customer expectations low when the product or service is delivered, the customer will be blown away by the experience. And that’s exactly how you want to be positioned for the next call with that client.

Let the customers sell themselves Pushy salespeople try to convince the customer to buy, buy, buy.

But the best salesperson knows that the most persuasive person is the customer herself. Their job is to ask the right questions and lead the customers to convince themselves they want the product or their service.

The world’s best salespeople take charge of sales meetings by adjusting their chair’s seat height. They begin meetings with their chair adjusted slightly below their customer’s, which subliminally signals that the customer is in a dominant position. As the meeting goes on, the salesperson will slowly elevate his or her chair in order to sit slightly higher than the prospect—putting them in a dominant position. And if they can’t adjust the chair, they simply change their posture to achieve the same effect.

Getting your clients to say no.

While all the sales training in the world says you need to get prospects in the mode of saying “yes” repeatedly, the world’s best salespeople actually get prospects to say “no.” Repeatedly saying yes dilutes the significance and confidence of each yes. But if a prospect says no to multiple options, when they finally say yes to the right option, they are highly inclined to stick with it. This is the exact reason why the best real estate agents show bad houses first, so when the customer sees the right one, they jump on it. And in any case, if you need assistance in growing your sales cycle or need assistance, feel free to connect with us at [email protected] & we would be happy to assist you with the best of our services!

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