Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

If you have specific fitness goals, we encourage you to consider our Private Personal Training. Through this one-on-one program, Siddarth Singh is able to concentrate particularly on your goals in order to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. Here he talks about setting goals, getting an assessment done, and starting to work out for the client’s first session. Your programme will be designed with accountability and progression to keep you working more efficiently and achieving your goals as the sessions go on, based on your objectives and baseline evaluation. 

He says, “I want advice about my fitness goals before I jump into classes or personal training.” We can help you begin a wellness programme or take your fitness to the next level. In my personal training, I don’t sugarcoat anything and work tirelessly to assist clients in reaching their goals.” 

Many people complain that they are unable to exercise as frequently as they formerly could due to pain, injuries, or just reaching plateaus. As you pay attention to your body’s signals, perhaps it’s time for a change. Work one-on-one with Siddarth to determine the best way to handle your unique problems. The constraints you may be experiencing that are impeding your capacity to accomplish your goals will be discussed during this consultation. The motions, postural, and alignment tests in this 60-minute session serve as an assessment rather than a workout. Based on our findings, we will recommend a course of action for you to strengthen and advance in a class or through private sessions. 

The innovative Pilates machines provide a full body workout that allows you to feel muscles you never knew you had. This is achieved by using spring tension and pulleys to work the arms and legs while focusing on alignment and core stability to create a strong and flexible body. The instructors are certified with hundreds of hours of training to achieve a high level of expertise in educating people to improve strength and function without the worry of getting injured in the process. The multiple positions of the pulleys allow us to train for functional movement, creating strength for everyday activities. Exercises are performed lying down, seated, kneeling, and standing and are sure to give you a full-body, intense workout. Stability chairs are also onsite to add an entirely new challenge to the workout. 


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