Makeoverbykanika ; A big name in the makeup industry and an inspiration to many

Makeup is more than just brushes! It is an expression of someone’s creativity and a piece of their imagination. A majority of artists in the industry are equipped with the theoretical knowledge of it but are unable to work in the stress-filled working environment where all that is expected out of them is sheer perfection.

The industry poses many hurdles for emerging artists and even more so for women. Kanika is one such woman working in the industry who has been working long hours to make someone’s special event even more special by serving just the right looks.

She is a professionally trained woman who seeks to build a renowned name for herself. She is equipped with not just the knowledge but also the applicability of the knowledge when it comes to actual clients.

She has built a long trail of trusting clients from whom she gets the motivation as well as the referral projects. If you’re a bride soon to be, then Kanika is just the right choice for you. She is an expert in building connections and making her clients feel the comfort of her space.

With the rising pollution and scorching sun, Kanika shares her concerns for skin protection for all the upcoming brides. She suggests taking proper hydration as well as sun protection as the bare minimum steps to look a little more-brighter on their special days.

To all the emerging women in the industry, her words are “Be ready for the work, be ready for the long and stressful hours or working on making someone feel their best. It’s like a blessing.”