From painting canvases to doing makeup, her passion sets her apart from the crowd

Kanika began her teaching career at Delhi Public School. Her mother is a dedicated music instructor who wishes for her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

She also registered with ICCR, to represent Indian dance culture abroad. And it’s no surprise that she represented India in about 18-20 different nations.

After being married, Kanika’s life changed!

The most significant turn in her life took place, the one that caused her to deviate from the path when her friend advised her to try makeup as a leisure activity, but the art came naturally to her. Fast-forward to today, she is an MUA with 7 years of experience.

She takes great pride in staying connected with her clients. These relationships are so deep that she will keep in touch with you from the day she is booked until the day of the event. She has a habit of paying close attention to what her clients want, and she also customizes the plans and appearance for each one of them. Not only that, but she also works to keep costs to a minimum while still providing the greatest possible job.

She takes pleasure in her abilities and has worked for a number of celebrities, including Mika Singh, Donal Bisht, Shefali Nagapal, and many others.

When asked what advice she would most like to give her brides?!

Kanika responds that the bride should always take care of herself, stay hydrated, avoid overexerting herself, and always seek the advice of a dermatologist for good self-care.

So, if you’re looking for an MUA with experience, skills, and a large satisfied client base, Kanika is the one for you!