Depression And Anxiety Issues – How Wonderful Minds Solves it!

Depression and anxiety both of these concepts are quite stressful for whoever is going through the same. People get negative and lose all their hope in these cases. Whether you or your loved ones suffer from depression or anxiety, there are treatments for it. However, most people take medications for months or even years without noticing major changes.

Recently, we came across the website of MuskurataBharat through one of our acquaintances. We got to know how the MuskurataBharat Initiative is helping people leave depression medications within a 3-7 days course. We got quite curious about how it is possible.

Hence, we reached out to Mr. Lovenish Mittal, the Founder of the Muskurata Bharat Initiative. “My experience says that more than 80% of people who are taking depression medicines do not actually have depression”, says Psychologist Lovenish Mittal.

To bring solutions for this into action, Lovenish Mittal introduced the concept of Muskurata Bharat. This initiative helps provide people with enhanced knowledge on mental issues and how to solve the same. In addition, they are also helping psychologists learn the techniques and ways of solving mental problems better with the help of courses.

The concept of Wonderful Minds courses or workshops under the MuskurataBharat initiative is to help people with mental problems like depression or anxiety.

Our interview with Lovenish Mittal helped us get an insight into MuskurataBharat and Wonderful Minds. Furthermore, their work is quite inspirational since we can see sound effects within 3-7 days of the beginning of the course or workshop. Let’s learn more about Wonderful Minds and MuskurataBharat below.

How did you come up with MuskurataBharat and Wonderful Minds?

I’ve always wanted to do something for the society and the country because I’m fascinated by psychology and how the mind and emotions work. I once shared some psychological knowledge with someone, and they saw positive results after using my advice. Hence, I kept taking notes and learning new things.

After completing my MA in Psychology, I started a business. However, I wasn’t achieving excellent results and felt it was a sign of divine power. Thus, I decided to stay in the field of psychology.

Panic attacks, negative thinking, depression, or dissociation, where people forget things or faint, are all considered impossible or challenging to treat in psychology. However, during my research, I discovered many aspects of the mind that we incorrectly use and interpret. As a result, we are unaware of the natural laws of our minds. Such a lack of knowledge causes mental problems.

I began researching those issues and tested them on patients with excellent results. Patients suffering from mental problems for 5-10 years began to recover within 1-2 weeks. We were able to discontinue their medications within a few months. However, the country and society are big for me to serve everyone individually.

So, I began preparing courses to assist many people in resolving their mental issues. I’ve been working on the formula for three years that effectively treat depression, panic attacks, sleep issues, and other mental health issues. That’s how the idea of MuskurataBharat and Wonderful Minds came into existence.

How is MuskurataBharat different from the competitors?

Usually, when patients go for psychological counseling, they hear that depression medicine will go on for a lifetime. Furthermore, if they have panic attacks, they will recover slowly or need to continue forever.

However, we tell our clients that we can guarantee them relief within 7-15 days of our course. I don’t think that anyone in India would guarantee relief within this time. We have seen good results, not with one but with many people. Those who cooperated with us saw incredible results. I don’t think you will get such a guarantee anywhere in India with these issues.

What are your goals?

Through Muskurata Bharat, our main goal is to improve people’s lives by giving them knowledge. We want to spread it more among people to solve their mental issues. More than a crore people don’t have this knowledge. Hence, our first goal is to spread knowledge on psychological problems and solutions.

In addition, I have seen psychologists who have learned psychology and earned a degree but don’t have knowledge or techniques. Hence, they aren’t able to earn properly. Thus, our second goal is to help psychologists get exposure to this work and earn. Then, we teach them the right procedure and techniques so that they can help society and earn at the same time.

What’s your future plan for MuskurataBharat and Wonderful Minds?

We have started Muskurata regarding how we can provide knowledge to the world about mental issues. We can notice that some clients are unaware of the fact that psychological counseling can help solve these problems. In some cases, even if they are aware of it, the fees may seem too expensive for them to pay. Even if some patients can pay, they may have difficulties going for the sessions due to distance.

We have put nominal charges worth 200 to 600 INR for the online courses. We guarantee that they will see recovery within 3-7 days, and we will refund them if they don’t.

How do you think Wonderful Minds will stay updated with the latest digital trends?

As I told you, we have all our concepts on MuskurataBharat, where we are bringing courses to solve people’s problems that they can join from their home’s comfort. Furthermore, our charging is also affordable.

We have also created software where they can check their mental health and how much of a problem they have. While continuing with the course, they can fill up the forms to see how much their mental health is improving. We are also coming up with software to understand their happiness. We are bringing all these projects digitally, which allows us to stay up to date with the latest digital trends.

What benefits do your clients get from MuskurataBharat in this competitive world?

The most important thing is that if our clients are taking medicines, then the first thing is that they won’t need these medicines within a month or two after our sessions. If someone takes medicines for a lifetime, they will start noticing and stop taking medications. Even if their case is complicated, they can live freely with fewer medications. Their happiness will come back.

Suppose they face certain issues like divorce, study issues, unemployment, or financial issues due to the additional medicines. In that case, they can benefit from solving all this and see good results within 7 days.

How do Wonderful Minds help people stop their medicines?

Many people suffering from mental problems like depression, panic attacks, etc., come to me to stop the medicines. They believe they have severe depression.

However, my experience showed me that more than 80% of the people who come to me don’t have depression.

I am saying this because I have realized some other reasons behind this condition. The main reason is that when some unpleasant incident happens in someone’s life, their mind gets deeply hurt. If they remain sad for a long time after an unpleasant event, their mind gradually gets used to being sad and upset.

If that happens, then unwillingly, their mind concentrates only on those aspects of life that lead to their suffering. The mind, compelled by the habit of being sad, either keeps thinking about the past sad events or keeps imagining the bad events that may happen in the future, which leads to increased depression, nervousness, sleep problems, and anxiety. This leads a person to become compelled to take medicines for the rest of his life.

Therefore, to get rid of depression and its medicines, it’s crucial to pay attention to 2 main things.

  • The habit of being sad has to be changed.
  • Learn to control and calm the unruly mind to reduce negative thoughts since it promotes depression and sleep problems.

Hence, I started helping people suffering from depression and other mental problems who came to me. First of all, to learn to control the mind and get out of the habit of being sad. We started getting very surprising results from this. People suffering from years old depression and sleep problems started getting relief in about 7 days.

After getting good results from this method on hundreds of people, we started the “Muskurata Bharat Abhiyan.” 3-7 day camps have been started in the Muskata Bharat Abhiyan. These online camps help people sitting far away in the country to join this camp. The fees for this camp have also been kept very low. We know that the powerful methods taught in this camp pay off very quickly. That’s why we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

It’s not surprising that 100% of the people who have joined the previous camp have got satisfactory results. Troubled by depression for years, Balamani had given up her drawing and singing hobbies. After joining the camp, she saw a big change in herself, and now she has started her drawing and singing practices after years.

Similarly, Pawan Kumar, a bank manager from Bathinda, who has been suffering from OCD for 20 years, said that by adopting this method, his mind has started to calm down in just 7 days.

We are getting many such good results from this method. That’s why I say that people suffering from depression should learn to calm and control their minds and let go of the sad habit of the mind.

This will help them a lot to come out of depression. After recovering, they will also realize that they were spoiling their life by considering their mind’s sadness as depression.

What is the process of healing people through Wonderful Minds workshops?

There are 5 simple steps that we follow throughout the workshop, including:


We tell people about such mental mistakes that never let them recover. They will be taught how to identify them and get rid of them.


Do you know that mental problems are also not cured because some such things are hidden in the depth of the subconscious mind? Due to this, the mind is not ready to recover. In the camp, people will be able to find their own mistakes and come out.


Some such truths will unfold about mental problems that have always been hidden from people because they are never well.


After this, we will provide new ways to calm the mind and therapy. After using it, people will start getting miraculous results within 2-3 days.

They will learn some easy ways by which one can calm and control their mind.


Apart from this, in these 3-7 days, people can take their own test and see how much the mind has become calmer and better than before.

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