“Engineering the Future: Unveiling India’s Top 10 Robotics Startups Revolutionizing Industries”

Robotics startups in India are innovative companies that are leveraging technology and engineering expertise to develop and deploy robotic systems across various industries. These startups are playing a significant role in advancing automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics technologies in India.

The rise of robotics startups in India can be attributed to several factors, including the increasing demand for automation and efficiency in industries, the availability of skilled engineering talent, supportive government initiatives, and the growing investment in research and development.

These startups are addressing a wide range of applications and sectors, including industrial automation, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, education, defense, and more. They are developing robotic solutions for tasks such as material handling, assembly, inspection, surveillance, medical procedures, and even space exploration.

Many robotics startups in India are focused on developing autonomous systems that can perform tasks with minimal human intervention, incorporating technologies like computer vision, machine learning, and sensor integration. They are also working on humanoid robots, drones, underwater robots, and other specialized robotic systems to cater to specific industry needs.

“Engineering the Future: Unveiling India’s Top 10 Robotics Startups Revolutionizing Industries”


Founder: Saurabh Ladha and Robin Singh

CEO: Saurabh Ladha

Year: 2016

Services: Provides AI-powered robotic systems for construction site monitoring and analytics.

Asimov Robotics

Founder: Jayakrishnan T, Pramod K.V., and Anant Kumar

CEO: Jayakrishnan T

Year: 2014

Services: Specializes in service robots for sectors like hospitality, healthcare, and retail.

Team Indus

Founder: Rahul Narayan, Sameer Joshi, and Dilip Chabria

CEO: Rahul Narayan

Year: 2010

Services: Known for their efforts in developing a lunar rover for space exploration.


Founder: Pranjal Mehta and Rajeev Bhat

CEO: Pranjal Mehta

Year: 2015

Services: Offers autonomous robot solutions for agriculture and pest control.

Nirmai Robotics

Founder: Geethanjali B N and P. Balakrishna

CEO: Geethanjali B N

Year: 2016

Services: Specializes in robotic systems for inspection and quality control in manufacturing.

Aerobiosys Innovations

Founder: Nishant Chakravarthy and B. Ramesh Babu

CEO: Nishant Chakravarthy

Year: 2016

Services: Develops agricultural robots and automation solutions for precision farming.

Silversparro Technologies

Founder: Rakesh Kumar and Rajendra Nagarajan

CEO: Rajendra Nagarajan

Year: 2015

Services: Provides AI-based computer vision solutions for robotics and automation.

UAV Works

Founder: Saurav Agarwala and Uttam Kumar Baruah

CEO: Saurav Agarwala

Year: 2014

Services: Specializes in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and aerial robotics solutions.

Drona Aviation

Founder: Apurva Godbole and Swapnil Bora

CEO: Swapnil Bora

Year: 2014

Services: Develops drone kits and solutions for educational and recreational purposes.


Founder: Nitin Gupta and Achal Negi

CEO: Nitin Gupta

Year: 2016

Services: Offers a software platform for autonomous drones and robotic systems.

These startups not only contribute to the advancement of technology but also have a positive impact on the economy by creating job opportunities and fostering innovation. They are collaborating with academic institutions, research organizations, and industry partners to drive research and development, and some startups are also actively involved in nurturing the next generation of robotics engineers through educational initiatives.